Sandra Clark

Sandra Clark is passionate about improving hand hygiene practice
at Auckland DHB.

Staff Nurse, Infection Prevention and Control team
Auckland District Health Board
Hand hygiene gold auditor of the quarter, February 2012

Sandra Clark has been committed to the hand hygiene programme since its roll-out at Auckland City Hospital in 2009, when she played an instrumental role in collecting Auckland DHB’s baseline hand hygiene data.

Since then Sandra’s dedication to the programme has continued to grow and, as a gold auditor, has implemented practical solutions to ensure the required number of wards can be audited, as well as ensuring team members have access to performance reports.

“Sandra is a dedicated individual who works tirelessly and always with a smile on her face,” says Catherine McClymont, Infection Control Nurse at Auckland DHB.

“Sandra is passionate about improving hand hygiene practices, and of all the team she is most aware of the gaps in knowledge about hand hygiene practice on the wards,” adds Catherine.

Sandra began by auditing all 42 wards in the hospital on a yearly basis, but it soon became evident that this was not a sustainable approach. To remedy this Sandra worked with the rest of the infection control team to combine some wards together for auditing purposes, and now personally audits 25 wards.

Following auditing Sandra provides nurse specialists on the team with the hand hygiene performance reports and develops graphs of hand hygiene improvement over time.

“This valuable data gives each ward in the hospital a clear picture of how they are progressing and where improvements need to be made. It also gives us information on where to pitch our teaching for the best outcome,” says Catherine.

“Sandra is a valued member of our team. The hand hygiene project at Auckland City Hospital would not be sustainable if she was not on board,” she adds.