Paula Draper (purple scrubs) and the ED team at Hawke’s Bay DHB
are dedicated to spreading positive messages and education about
hand hygiene.

Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Hawke’s Bay District Health Board
Hand hygiene ward of the quarter, February 2012

In preparation for an impending gastro season, Paula Draper, Clinical Nurse Coordinator at the Hawke’s Bay DHB Emergency Department took it upon herself to implement the 5 moments approach to hand hygiene within the emergency department. Since then she has been dedicated to spreading positive messages and education about hand hygiene throughout the ward.

According to Barbara McPherson, Infection Control Advisor at Hawke’s Bay District Health Board, Paula’s enthusiasm for improving hand hygiene included introducing a number of initiatives on the ward to encourage hand hygiene compliance by all staff.

“Some of the initiatives Paula developed for the ED included having the ‘friends of the emergency department’ replace empty alcohol gel products, and creating a ‘gel patrol’ to remind patients, visitors and staff to use hand gel on entering and leaving the department,” says Barbara.

“Paula has also developed posters and used notice boards to promote hand hygiene. Her slogan ‘glo and tell’ was used to encourage use of the light box in the tea room, challenging staff to practice the correct hand hygiene techniques. Stickers were awarded to those who successfully completed this challenge,” adds Barbara.

In 2010 Paula also presented at an annual infection control study day at Hawke’s Bay DHB, talking about the difficulties of maintaining effective infection prevention and control in a busy ED environment.

“Paula is a very enthusiastic and committed advocate for infection prevention and control in the emergency department. She has made a real difference to the awareness, understanding and performance of healthcare workers’ hand hygiene practices,” says Barbara.