Elly Campbell

Elly Campbell enjoys teaching
others and supporting colleagues
to achieve better hand hygiene

Registered nurse, Intensive Care Unit
Southern District Health Board

As the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) infection prevention and control (IPC) representative, Elly champions all aspects of IPC. However, she is particularly passionate about hand hygiene and takes any opportunity to educate her colleagues about good hand hygiene practice.

“Elly practices excellent hand hygiene in the clinical setting and leads by example, approaching colleagues to discuss hand hygiene and providing formal education,” says Jessica Sanford, Registered Nurse in the ICU at Southern DHB.

Elly uses a variety of demonstration techniques, supported by written and visual resources to demonstrate good hand hygiene practice. In particular she promotes the five moments for hand hygiene by placing visual reminders around the ICU, and talking with the doctors and nurses to ensure they understand when to perform hand hygiene for the safest possible patient care.

Elly is also a gold auditor and participates in national and local auditing. She often participates in quality meetings and informs staff about hand hygiene performance results on the ward and in the DHB.

“Elly is considered a champion of hand hygiene within the ICU,” says Jessica.

“She has instigated additional gel pump bottles at each bed space in the intensive care unit to improve compliance with hand hygiene, with good effect.

“She enjoys teaching others and supporting colleagues to achieve better practice. As a long term nurse in the ICU, she demonstrates a great passion, resilience, motivation and confidence that is well appreciated and recognised across all staff,” says Jessica.